Monday, January 31, 2011

Introducing MLU's Newest Writer: Chet Steadman

Ladies and Gentlemen, MLU has officially doubled its staff. Today, we welcome Chet Steadman into the Minor League University family- but do him a favor: don't call him "Rocket."

Chet was a college teammate and buddy of mine, and although he's graduated on to the business world, he is one of the most baseball-minded people I know. We spent our years in the dugout together rattling off countless movie quotes, solving riddles, exchanging trivia, and teaming up on a handful of unforgettable pranks. Always trying to outdo each other, a group of us at the end of the bench in our freshman year were once referred to as the "comedy henchmen" by our head coach- he was not always pleased with our in-game antics.

Chet's the kind of guy who would hit a home run and walk back into the dugout claiming he "Just missed it."  The type of guy who will stand on first base after a dribbling groundball and pretend to stretch his back; innocent in the eyes of the common fan, but I know he's really checking the outfield scoreboard to see if he was granted a Hit on a play he knew was most likely an Error. He's the guy who offers comic relief when you most need it, and even more so when you don't- he's essential to any team, and now he joins the MLU squad.

He will serve as a contributing writer on anything related to the game that catches his eye. Writing with a quick wit and a deep understanding of just what goes on in a ballplayer's head, Steadman is a big off-season pickup for MLU.


  1. Welcome Chet. Looking forward to reading about your view on the sport.

  2. Chet,
    You have a lot to live up to. Do not dirty the water here... I have seen a lot of blogs come and go because of bad middle relief. The last thing this blog needs is Phil Brickma...Best of luck , I look forward to this blog lately and hope to keep it that way.