Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who has the Best Uniforms in College Baseball?

The Debate is on. This is a question that sluts itself around to each and every baseball blog, message board, and fan website there is, and it usually ends with each person voting for the uniforms of their favorite team.

And when the Ole Miss fan disagrees with the LSU fan who thinks that the Tigers' Gold jersey is the nations best unit, the proud LSU fan of course responds with, "How many rings have you won in your uniforms? That's what I thought!" It's like clockwork, and it's what every online baseball debate that's meant to be fun and light-hearted comes down to - people taking things personally and losing sight of the initial question.

Well we're talking style here people, so don't let your loyalties confuse you. I'm not gonna say there is one ultimate "best in show" uniform in college baseball right now - I do like the LSU Golds, Ole Miss has some classic combos, the Stanford pullover is timeless, and I even like what Under Armour has done with Auburn and South Carolina's look.

Texas pretty much put the white hat on the map and Miami's "U" on the hip is an example of the school's flashy style, while UNC offers an understated elegance in their light blues. Michigan represents the Midwest well in their classic colors, and UConn's old-school stirrups go perfectly with their ageless look.

But for my money, there's no uniform out there that's better than Clemson. Clemson's all white uniforms are where tradition meets flash, and Jack Leggett and company cover all their bases. They've got the all white batting gloves, custom white and orange cleats, and the mix of orange and purple is unusual, but it works. I can't tell you another sports team that combines these colors, but Clemson does it, and they do it well.

At least four different hat options, jersey tops up the wazoo, and the thickest piping in the country. The best part about it: I don't even think they have gray pants. I've seen them play for years and I think they only wear white bottoms, which is awesome (if you're good, of course). "We'll play at your place and we're gonna wear white pants because we're Clemson and we don't give a crap about the home team - we wanna look good."

Yes, it sounds like I'm chugging the Clemson Kool-aid and going back for seconds, but I assure you I was not a Tiger - that's just how classic their uni's are. All players have to wear their pants low - hell, they don't even give out colored socks to wear underneath in case your pants ride up at the ankle. What do they wear? White socks. 

The only knock I had against Clemson's repertoire was that on the back of their hats, underneath the paw reads OMAHA. Whoah, really? What if on the back of UCLA's basketball jerseys they sewed in Final Four? We get it, you're traditionally a powerhouse and expect to get to Omaha - if you don't the season was a bust - but writing it on your hats? Seems a little extreme.

I of course thought this way up until they actually did make it to Omaha last year and then I couldn't believe how sweet it was that they have Omaha written on their hats - They called their shot! What swagger! See, you have to expect to be there!

So there you have it- in my mind, Clemson has the look to beat in college baseball. Now if we could only get them to flatten out their outfield they'd be on to something.


  1. Always been a big fan of Stanfords. Can't go wrong with the classic throwbacks.

  2. Sure they called their shot by writing "Omaha" on their hats. Then they went and lost 2 straight to their rivals to miss out on the Championship series ... again. Go Cocks!

  3. Not a chance on the outfield. You haven't seen anything until you seen an opposing players knees hitting his chin as hits the warning track. The ultimate home field advantage ;-)

  4. Clemson has won nothing in their uniforms. They stil have blood stains from that *** kicking South Carolina gave them! GO COCKS!

  5. OMAHA that is where they go to DIE, CLEMSUX unis look like dog $h!t

  6. The author must like uringe because there is absolutely nothing about Clemson's unis that stand out.

  7. The "Omaha" on the back of the hats isn't meant to be flashy. It's a motivator to get the team pumped up and push for the ultimate goal of getting there.

  8. Gamecock fan who actually appreciates Clemson's baseball unis, the proprietary "C" in particular. But the solid orange (ack!) or purple (eek!) shirts keep them well out of the top spot in my opinion. In traditional baseball circles, less is more. In my biased opinion it's hard to beat South Carolina's garnet pinstripe or Yankee-esque road gray, particularly with interlocking SC completing the ensem. Quiet confidence, if you will.

  9. I remember the no stirrups Clemson started in the mid 90s. Might've been trendy then, but its now 2011. Clemson's unis are horrible. No doubt Ole Miss has the best.

  10. My two favorite have to be UNC and Ole Miss. Ole Miss doesnt have a uniform combination that cant be called one of the best in the country and UNC's blue looks great too. Got to say though, I expected to see Rice's all white unis. Looks great with the old english letters. With that said:
    1. Ole Miss (red)
    2. UNC (blue)
    3. Rice (white)

  11. Another sports team but not baseball that combines orange and purple is the Phoenix Suns.

  12. It's hard to beat the current Sunday, GOLD uniforms of the Seminoles. The "throw-back" banana yellows are the BOMB! You guys remember..... throw in the stirrups, not the soccer socks, and you have the NCAA best uniforms, period.

  13. Arizona State Uniforms are the best in college baseball, the throwbacks and the all grays are pretty damn sweet.

  14. Boston College Off White Throwbacks

  15. I kind of have to agree with the cocklover above. I think garnet and gray go perfectly with the stench from the nearby sewage treatment plant, in columbia.

  16. Michigan and Florida State have the best looking uniforms in college baseball.

  17. auburn has the best uniforms in college baseball, even though under armour uniforms fit small which is ugly i still like the all white and the occasional white cap with blue jersey for special games with signifigance.

  18. I would say Michigan's home uniforms and Miami's away uniforms are the two best as far as college baseball is concerned. However, Arizona State does have sweet throwbacks.

  19. Clemson does have great uniforms in all their sports. I am a rare SC native that loves both CU and USC but geez at the USC fans troll everything Clemson. Notice USC (South Carolina not Southern Cal) on this board say Clemson has won nothing but if you go to the football boards where Clemson has won a NC their tune changes because USC has never done anything in football where Clemson has. USC would've never won their first CWS if it hadn't been for CCU's 2 best pitchers getting sick in the MB Super Regional. CCU still would have won the series if it weren't for CCU being forced to keep a tired pitcher in with a lead in the 9th so they'd have a pitcher for game 3.

    USC fans have a 120 year old hatred of Clemson for dominating them in sports and it shows everytime a USC fag is stupid enough to belittle his own state.

  20. The reason South Carolina has a interlocking SC is b/c they were so stupid to never trademark "USC" despite having it 100 years before Southern Cal. Then Southern Cal trademarked it and South Carolina could not prove in court they used "USC" first despite having 200+ years of historical documents to prove it.
    Must have been represented by a South Carolina alum in the courtroom.
    If that would not have happened you would still be using the old SC logo that Southern Cal forced you to stop. ROFLMMFNO

  21. Stanford Cardinal. The team that regularly wears pullover jerseys has got to be at the top of the list. Button-front jerseys always were and always will be nonsensical.

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  24. Clemson has the outfield rising up because it is a warning track, different from other fields. But I wish they had some thing different for road games, like gray, what they wear on the road is the same what they wear at home (except for home white). Or vests, or at vested tiger paw logo. My 0.02 cents.

  25. Clemson has the outfield rising up because it is a warning track, different from other fields. But I wish they had some thing different for road games, like gray, what they wear on the road is the same what they wear at home (except for home white). Or vests, or at vested tiger paw logo. My 0.02 cents.