Thursday, December 16, 2010

SMALLS TALK: SportsCenter Commercials are Better Than Most Shows

This is  SportsCenter  Genius. SportsCenter has the best commercials on TV and there's no debating that. Simply put, ESPN gets it. Time after time they churn out clever 30-second clips that leave you wanting more. And it's a commercial! You're supposed to hate the ads that separate you from the TV show you're watching, yet I find myself YouTubing "This is SportsCenter commercials" in my free time. ESPN presents such a dry sense of humor that is evident in all of their anchors. Whether they're crafting witty catch phrases or substituting the word "football" with "tackle football" for an hour long NFL report (lookin' at you Kenny Mayne), they're making you laugh- not laugh hysterically- but a smile/chuckle that let's them know you appreciate their effort.

They have been portraying their office as home to all things sports for as long as I can remember- and it never gets stale. This ad campaign is older than most people watching it, but each commercial is always fresh and new. I literally get excited when one comes on that I haven't seen before. What athletes will be featured? What anchor are they gonna be hanging out with? What common sports occurrence are they going to put a hilarious office spin on this time?

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