Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas and Thank You

Merry Christmas to all MLU readers! I want to thank every one who has checked out my new blog. It's a fun way to spend the off-season and it's only gonna get bigger and more detailed once spring training picks up.

Please help me spread the word. I feel that there are tons of people out there wondering what life as a minor leaguer is like, or even just looking for a site that covers all things baseball, so if you've enjoyed what you've read so far, please tell your friends!

I am always looking for feedback so please contact me if you have any suggestions, critiques, requests, comments, anything- I work a desk job during the day so I guarantee I'll get back to you instantly. You can email me at or friend me on Facebook (Scotty Smalls), or even follow me on Twitter (@MinorLeagueU). Yep, I've pretty much got the whole social media world covered- except MySpace of course, which for some reason I associate with weirdos and creeps.

I'm heading home for Christmas weekend- "Wait, I thought all bloggers lived in their mother's basement?"- so this will be my last post until after the holiday, but MLU will be back and better than ever starting Monday. Future posts to look forward to include an inside look at the MiLB off-season, a baseball movie character All-Star game, my take on pimpin' homeruns, countless Dugout Vocabulary, and much, much more. Have an idea for something you'd like me to cover? Send me a message and I'd love to check it out- I'm always looking for new ideas.

So throw Minor League University under the Favorite Places tab and check us out daily for coverage of the freshest topics in baseball.

Merry Christmas, I hope you all get what you want!

*Need to get your MLU fix over the weekend? Use this time to catch up on some older posts: best college uniforms, minor league hats, awful new MiLB helmets, Ripken vs. Favre, and many more.

(The Babe spreading some Christmas cheer.)

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