Sunday, February 6, 2011

MLU'S HAT OF THE WEEK: Superbowl Special

In honor of the most viewed program in television history, MLU opted to throw a little Superbowl spin on this Sunday's Hat of the Week.

Now before you  yell "Objection" to the fact that neither of these hats is of the Minor League ranks, keep in mind that the feature is called "Hat of the Week" - not "Minor League Hat of the Week"- so all hats from any baseball level are fair play. 

Sure, MiLB lids happen to be my favorite, but, there are a lot of great caps out there- NCAA, MLB, World Baseball Classic, Independent Leagues, college summer leagues, etc.- and MLU will do its best to bring them all to you.

Now, on to our featured items:

Our first hat screams Steel City. The yellow Pirates hat is a classic look, one that I wish the modern-day Bucs would adopt as a consistent throwback cap. Simple in its colors and style, the Pirates represent a unique city whose triumvirate of sports team all wear the same colors. Whether you're cheering on the Penguins, Steelers, or Pirates, Pittsburgh bleeds Black and Yellow.

Hat #2 could be one of my favorite hats of all time. Even when I thought it was simply a glove on the front, I liked this Brewers throwback because of the colors and the simplicity. But then I discovered that I had overlooked one of the greatest logos of all-time- how could I have missed that? That's not merely a glove, that is an M and a B! I was amazed. This is one of the most cleverly constructed logos in sports, and I'm glad to see the Brew-Crew has come to their senses and started wearing this old hat and colors again- why they strayed from it in the first place? The world may never know.

*Yes, I'm well aware the Brewers are from Milwaukee, not Green Bay- but I'm playing the odds that all Wisconsin natives are Cheese Heads.

I hope everyone enjoys their Superbowl Sunday- win or lose, remember: it's all about the food.

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  1. you should have gone we are family hats. Nice box shape and the black with the yellow trim is also nice.

  2. interesting point about the same colors for pitsburg, i never knew that!

  3. realizing the logo was an M and a B was a life changing moment for me. it was like when i realized 7-11 was named because the places is open from 7 to 11.