Saturday, April 2, 2011

SMALLS TALK: The Yankee Core

For the last seventeen years, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, and Mariano Rivera have worn pinstripes for the New York Yankees.

Seventeen years - longer than any other threesome in the history of sports. That's a whole lot of backhand jump throws, barehanded at-bats, and Enter Sandman's. That's also a whole lot of wins.

Since 1994, these three have been teammates. Colleagues. Coworkers. Friends? Maybe. Or maybe they can't stand each other. Maybe they wake up every morning and dread walking into that clubhouse and seeing the faces of the other two. It's possible.

Posada may resent Jeter for being so publicly named team captain. And maybe Jeter is jealous of Rivera for serving as the focal point of nearly every nail-biting Yankee victory. Or perhaps Rivera gets irritated by Posada's pitch calling - cutter, cutter, cutter... We get it, Jorge - let's mix it up.

Ok, none of that is true. But even if it were true, we would never know about it. These three epitomize the term consummate professional. Not once have Yankee fans ever had to worry about them as a source of distraction or disruption. They work hard, they play the game the right way, and, judging by their fistful of rings, they perform come October.

These three have served as the foundation of the greatest franchise in sports for well over a decade, and it's thanks to this trio that the team in the Bronx has maintained its mystique. Whether you love the Yankees or hate them, you cannot deny what these three men have done during their time at Yankee Stadium. They represent the class, tradition, consistency, and success that accompany the Yankee name - and they do it proudly.

Although none of the three seem to show signs of slowing down, you can't help but wonder how much longer this triumvirate will remain together in New York. In today's world of sports, superstars are moving from city to city and trading uniforms more than ever - yet, these three have stood the test of time.

They serve as the link between Yankees past and present - all while paving the way and setting the bar for future generations of Bronx Bombers. There is no doubt that Derek, Jorge, and Mariano will someday be able to say they left the Yankee franchise better than how they found it.

I hope the fans of New York appreciate what they have, while they still have it.

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  1. Jorge calls it quits first. The end of an era!