Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MLU's HAT OF THE WEEK: Texas Longhorns

Hat of the Week has finally made its way into the college ranks, and Austin, Texas is the perfect place to start.

Despite winning six national championships and launching a small army of ballplayers into the Big Leagues, it's the Texas Longhorns' uniforms that have baseball fans intrigued.

No other school in the country has been able to completely monopolize a color like the 'Horns have done with Burnt Orange. The color is crisp, and has become synonymous with both the school and the state- not to mention it can really pack a punch when mixed with one of the most recognizable logos in all of sports.

Athough the team is usually seen sporting its trademark white hat with the Capital 'T' emblem, their all-orange cap partnered with the classic Longhorn logo gets the edge in my book.

Ladies and gentlemen, MLU's first NCAA selection for Hat of the Week. Congratulations to Bevo- what a pioneer!

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  1. Texas? Really? I hate Texas.

  2. Disappointed.. TEXAS? come on

  3. really bro? after what we went through?